Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Capturing Spinlocks Statistics Over a Specific Time Period

The following script can be used to look at spinlock statistics over a specific time period.  Each time it runs it will return the delta between the current values and previous values collected.
/* Snapshot the current spinlock stats and store so that this can be compared over a time period
   Return the statistics between this point in time and the last collection point in time.

   **This data is maintained in tempdb so the connection must persist between each execution**
   **alternatively this could be modified to use a persisted table in tempdb. if that
   is changed code should be included to clean up the table at some point.**

use tempdb

declare @current_snap_time    datetime
declare @previous_snap_time   datetime

set @current_snap_time = GETDATE()

if not exists(select name from tempdb.sys.sysobjects where name like '#_spin_waits%')
    create table #_spin_waits
        lock_name    varchar(128)
        ,collisions  bigint
        ,spins       bigint
        ,sleep_time  bigint
        ,backoffs    bigint
        ,snap_time   datetime

--capture the current stats
insert into #_spin_waits
        select  name
        from sys.dm_os_spinlock_stats

select top 1 @previous_snap_time = snap_time from #_spin_waits
                where snap_time < (select max(snap_time) from #_spin_waits)
                order by snap_time desc

--get delta in the spin locks stats  
select top 10
        , (spins_current.collisions - spins_previous.collisions) as collisions
        , (spins_current.spins - spins_previous.spins) as spins
        , (spins_current.sleep_time - spins_previous.sleep_time) as sleep_time
        , (spins_current.backoffs - spins_previous.backoffs) as backoffs
        , spins_previous.snap_time as [start_time]
        , spins_current.snap_time as [end_time]
        , DATEDIFF(ss, @previous_snap_time, @current_snap_time) as [seconds_in_sample]
    from #_spin_waits spins_current
    inner join (
        select * from #_spin_waits
          where snap_time = @previous_snap_time
        ) spins_previous on (spins_previous.lock_name = spins_current.lock_name)
        spins_current.snap_time = @current_snap_time
        and spins_previous.snap_time = @previous_snap_time
        and spins_current.spins > 0
    order by (spins_current.spins - spins_previous.spins) desc

--clean up table
delete from #_spin_waits
where snap_time = @previous_snap_time

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